Exercise 3.12 Do Some Visual Research


Horizon Theatre Co. in rehearsal


A friend and colleague is a member of the small independent Horizon Theatre Company. There’s only a few people involved and they tend to mix their roles around. My friend John was acting in the last play I saw but directed the current performance. I asked sometime ago if I could take some photographs and was given the opportunity to photograph them setting up of the Wolsey Studio Theatre in Ipswich the day before their opening night. This felt quite a privilege and for not only would it suit this FiP exercise but the play was having it’s UK premier! It’s called M.A.M.I.L (middle-aged man in lycra) and is a one-man play with a cycling theme to it.

In terms of the questioning this exercise requires, this session offered more opportunities than a basic rehearsal. Witnessing the setting up of the stage and a rehearsal I was able to question and investigate the following:

What is the director’s role?

What is the role of the stage management and how do they set up the stage, its lighting, sound and props?

Moreover, for the actor I was curious about the relationship with the director and his involvement in setting up of the stage.

The exercise implies we should spend several days or weeks with our chosen subject. I didn’t have that luxury. I’d been given the chance to take my photographs on this one, rather important, day for the company, and so I made the most of it. I took several hundred shots and tackled the technical difficulties of working in small often dimly lit studio theatre. As the exercise requires, I have attached a contact sheet of the some of the images I took on the day.

Ex 3.12 Do Some Visual Research


One thought on “Exercise 3.12 Do Some Visual Research”

  1. These images are exciting for me. Completely outside my experience The different lighting and opportunity to shoot so many different angles. You have captured some fascinating expressions. Thanks fro sharing.


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